"Taking Katie’s class has given me the confidence to guarantee my clients long lasting results. She was thorough with her explanation and didn’t hold back when answering all of our questions."

- Adriana G.


Prep Workshop

Behold! The class that students learn the most in! This is a hands on learning workshop focusing solely on prep work. Prep work is the most important part of a manicure, and without the proper foundation your clients nails won’t last, which in turn changes a forever client into a one time client. See how Katie is able to book her clients once a month with no worries through solid foundation by enrolling in this course. Katie will demonstrate (as well as guide you through your own process) to help you thrive efficiently and expertly in the salon. This course goes over the following:

  • Product education

  • Gel removal with electric file

  • Electric file cuticle work

  • Shaping of the nail

  • Base application for monthly wear

  • Gel troubleshooting

  • and much more



Art Workshop

This course is a fun one! Do your clients ever request art that you can't even begin to understand how to execute? Katie will demonstrate and guide you through her art processes to make your life SO much easier when people request art. She will show you the best techniques that can apply to many art designs at a time and the best ways to break down even the most complex designs. Note: this is also a hands-on workshop! This course includes:

  • Marbling techniques

  • Floral techniques

  • Watercolor techniques

  • Hand-painted techniques

  • and much more



Combo Workshop

Do ALL of the above classes sound like what you need? Then enroll in this course to get the maximum amount of benefit you possibly can!



Katie is a not only a nail goddess, but the most amazing individual ever! She came all the way to Nashville to help me train my new employees and get ready for my new salon's opening. She was so sweet and kind, she even brought us a special gift! She was so patient working with my girls who are new to the industry and was just as great giving me tips and tricks that changed the way I do nails for the better! I would absolutely 100% recommend her to anyone that is in need of training whether they've been doing nails for 1 day or 10 years. Not only did I gain a great mentor, but also a new friend. Thanks Katie!!

-Alissa, Lacquer Lounge Nashville

I believe the nail industry is in so much need of more classes like the ones Nail thoughts offers. I first learned about Katie on social media and quickly fell in love with her artsy design techniques. She teaches a lot on her business page about nail products and the nail industry in the most humble way. When I learned she was having a class I was ecstatic! And let me just say the class met all my expectations. I took my first class with Katie a couple weeks ago and I quickly learned how important her students were to her! Not only does she go into details about the products she uses, techniques, and how to be more confident in all areas of the nail business. But she also takes the time to interact one on one with all her students, creates a super comfortable friendly environment, and touches base with you weeks after you complete the class. Ever since attending Katie's class, I've noticed a huge change in my work and client feedback! They say they're nails are healthier and stronger than ever before. I have also improved in my designs as well as gel application and prep work. I highly recommend this class to any nail tech looking to improve and also have so much fun getting to know over nail techs in the LA area!

- Marci R.